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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 14, 2000 || 10:21 pm

God, how I DO love SpongeBob SquarePants (I write it this way, however incorrectly, because that is the way it tends to sound rolling offa my tongue). Not the character, I mean. The show itself. As a matter of fact, when it all boils down (two cliches in one breath…howzat fer a trick, bawz an’ guhls?*my pathetic attempt at a southern dialect, didja geddit?*), SpongeBob is not one of my favorite characters in the show. He has a groovy name and a voice reminiscent of my sixth-grade art teacher but I feel that is where his appeal ends.

The squirrel in the bubble helmet? The one that plays guitar and has a nasally twang-drawl with a nod towards southern sensibilities? That is one hip fucking cartoon-being.

To clarify, I don’t love this toon in the sense that I schedule my meals around it. I mean it in the sense that if I happen to channelsurf across it, I throw on the skids and laugh my ass off for whatever time remains. Gee holy pepper….I just admitted that shit on the worldwideweb,whoa. Forgive me when I am sane and sober, okay? And NEVER, NO, NEVER mention it at the office parties. Thanks, pal. >:oP

NEXT SUBJECT: This is an uglyass blog. I gotta figure out how to change some things color-wise and font-wise. This is an assault on the senses.

SUBJECT AFTER THAT: I am really trying to lure Dirk Belligerent out here to stomp around. I adore his words. If he DOES in fact show up, be very quiet and don’t make any sudden moves. It doesn’t take much to set the boy off, if ya know what I mean.

Enough for tonight….Love and Rockets.

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