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|| August 27, 2000 || 7:33 pm || Comments (0) ||

You know how you run across something twenty years out and you had forgotten just how monumentally rad that it actually is??? ‘Brubaker‘ is one such thing, in celluloid form. I had even forgotten that movie ever damn existed*. I caught it today and geeholyhell it knocked my socks off….one of those timeless movies that really transcends itself.

Or perhaps I just really groove on prison movies. I dunno, but I really doubt it.

*See, when I was younger (like 5,6,7,8,9-13) my dad looked an INSANE amount like Robert Redford. He had that great head of perfect reddy-brownlike hair (thick as a mutha, and natural waves that women pay scads of moolah for) and looked fantabulous in jeans and rolled up sleeves. He had an easy, boylike smile, a voice as rich as chocolate and a rare masculine grace. My dad seemed to be the total package; he looked good enough to eat and I heard it constantly from friends, neighbors and countrymen. He also got the Redford comparison LOTS, so I seem now to draw a blank on any and all movies by Mr. Redford pre-Horse Whisperer. This isn’t a conscious, on-purpose sort of deal, so don’t ask ME; the mind is a complex thing and works in different ways….mine appears to usually be in sliding-scale mode….

|| August 26, 2000 || 3:54 pm || Comments (0) ||

“Dis is my house an’ I set da stannards aroun’ he-yuh.”–Archie Bunker

There’s been an ‘All in the Family’ marathon playing whilst I have been working today. That show KILLS me! What kills me even more than the show is the thought that for a period in the late seventies (and if memory serves correctly, the early, early eighties) a white xenophobic misogynist ran around using words like ‘fag’ and ‘nigger’ in a national forum and the ratings SOARED. I am amazed that they even let it back on television in this age of deplorable maxi political correctness.

Before youse start, let me tell you that YES, I get the whole Edward Albee-like slant on the deal, but I love Archie’s overblown in-your-faceness anyhoo. I love the fact that he calls his son-in-law ‘meathead’ to his face several times on a daily basis. I LOVE ‘ALL IN THE FAMILY’ AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT IT. Ah youse?

AND THAT JEAN STAPLETON WAS A SHEER COMEDIC GENIUS. Bless you Jean, for wearing those uglyass aprons all those years.

|| August 26, 2000 || 11:34 am || Comments (0) ||

See? Proof that I have been doing it right all along. Get with it, girls. Wear your rage like a badge of pride….

|| August 26, 2000 || 10:09 am || Comments (0) ||

Douglas girls have their own look. Even in this sprawling Appalachian cluster of communities, I can spot them a mile away when I see them in town. Their faces are starkly angular and they possess exaggerated chins, like they were molded around a golf ball or something. They always have on black eyeliner that is applied in a sort of seventies hard rock kinda way and lipstick in a color that brings out the yellow skintone that most women try to camouflage. They dress in a K-mart caricature of current fashion trends and their bodies are slim (not skinny) and angular in such a way that I am reminded that some are born that way, not methamphetamine-altered. They have big, starving-cat eyes and run about five-foot-six on the average. They will never know a plump day in their lives, but may well develop that little belly pooch upon giving birth to their children. They look street-hard but innocent….comes from hailing from a farm community, I guess. The hair is limp, whether curly or straight, and worn just below the shoulder. They are mild-mannered and they get around. Just something I have observed and was ruminating over…

ON AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE NOTE: Going to see the Blake Babies tonight and I am entirely jazzed about that. Evan Dando is opening with someone else…he is so yummalicious. He never ages, I swear. I believe he must be a ‘WamPieUh’ or something. I remarked on this to a friend and she said, “Well of course he is…why do you think all of his shows are at night??” Right on.

Until then, I have the house to myself, Oh thank you sweet blessed Jesus, and am working to fill orders. Today is like taking several relaxed breaths and it is lovely.

|| August 24, 2000 || 11:32 pm || Comments (0) ||

Okay, I admit it; I BACKSLID. I consumed a raspberry Zinger.

Dolly Madison, you are a DIRTY BITCH. Maybe I should sue you a la “Tobacco Lawsuit”style….

I could hold you accountable for some unseen illness I may be stricken with in the future because you put nasty things like excess:

  • sugar
  • fat grams
  • carbohydrates
  • red dye
    in those itty-bitty cakes. Why, if I have a carbohydrate sensitivity, you are akin to nicely-packaged drug dealers, preying on my junkie-like state when a craving comes down the pike. SHAME ON YA.

    Wonder if they paid part of it in Twinkies? I mean, no disrespect to the injured party, but sheesh, if they paid it in dough*-re-mi, I am eating the cost (pun most assuredly intended) with my Hostess Cake purchases.

    *Geddit?? Dough…..bakery?? I KILL ME!!

    || August 24, 2000 || 4:41 pm || Comments (0) ||

    “You look cute right now.” –what my eldest son said to me this afternoon.

    Now, normally I find the word ‘cute’ quite repulsive, ESPECIALLY when it is used in relation to me. But this time, oh HELL, it made me blushy and gooey.

    Only because he genuinely meant it.

    Dude, I am soooo lucky.