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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 1, 2000 || 3:41 pm

Read a rather lengthy article on refractory cognizance today.

I did not. I am such a liar!

Today was one of those docile non-days that kind of leisurely run their course. It started out all yucky; the gym was closed due to your basic death in the family, so I was left without the grandiose energy that a quick morning workout gives. Thankfully, Ye Enamoured Toddler was more than agreeable today and not so much like taming a wild hurricane. You know–the usual.

Got word via third party that Daddy-O is returning to the states soon….don’t really know what to make of that. I’m pretty convinced that it won’t alter my life much. Doubt he’ll be involved on any greater level than he is now. It’s a reasonable trade-off. It’ll mean still not being subject to his stringent standards and sideways glances at what he deems to be an awesome waste of potential.

Can you say “HOORAY FOR elizAbeth!!!”, boys and grills?

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