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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 3, 2000 || 12:53 am

Read a rather lenthy ar…

Oh, already did that one. Drat.

A.M.: went to gym, delivered creative midgets to today’s version of fun, went to Wal-Mart, got ticket from an officah ub DA LAW (his surname was a hardcore reference to female genitalia, hardy-har), stayed busy fielding calls for the remainder.

P.M.: Spaghetti and homemade bread for lunch. Lullabyes afterward for my curly-haired diaper full of mischief. Quiet time, so I handle projects that busy little hands don’t allow in their waking moments. Off to the car to retrieve the others, leisurely conversation-filled drive over the backroads, cook swift dinner, they’re off again (this time to church). Afterwards, teethbrushing, giggles, a chapter of “Trumpet of the Swan” (so I annotated it incorrectly…piss off).

Took some time for literary and wine-slanted indulgences. Got on this Godforsaken Method Of Technological Time Suckage. Checked my e-mail and fell over this, my official handy-dandy nuke-em-cause-we-can specially delivered horoscope:

You’re the envy of all in your field. Hard work looks like child’s play in your hands. Speaking of children, any that you meet will swarm over you, sensing your magic. QUICK!! Get the fucking bug spray!!

Now here I am, in the A.M. realm again. Shit, I should get some sleep, dude!

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