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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 17, 2000 || 2:58 am

If I was Katie, I’d be pissed off too. I’d be extra-special pissed with a cherry on top. I would not be as (ahem) graceful and patient as she seemingly is.

I would be way, WAYugly and extremely verbally abusive to Katie Tarbox and her evil, pus-oozing corporate minions. I would send my attorney, Will, after Katie Tarbox and Company with a heated fury that rivaled the depths of Hades itself. He would cripple them with his extremely well-worded nastygrams and they would be forced to buckle under the weight of his monstrous legal skill and his intoxicating Southern-barrister laconicism. Will has a cheerful record of success that is brutally high when viewed from any given angle.

Katie Tarbox and her Merry Band of Big-Business Cheesedicks would be left crying, offering up all the toys in their toyboxes and signing over their firstborns for servitude to my own children.

But hey, that’s just ME.

Let the original Katie know you’re rootin’ for her.

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