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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 17, 2000 || 10:14 am

Now that I have gotten offa my cyberass and have dipped my toes squeamishly into the pool of HTML I feel compelled to re-assemble the whole eye-offending, browser-finicky (?? I am just assuming here…no one has mailed or messaged me to the contrary….I have tried it on other machines and in other formats and find no glaring probs) layout of my site. It looks very trailer-trashy.


I suppose that I will do so, but not before I finish the whole “Just register your own domain, we’ll host you, shut up!” conversation that Eric and I started. BTW, Eric, thank you for the ‘l33t counsel at three a.m.; on second thought, screw ya, you had nothing better to do at work.

Thanks as well to Caffeine (Mister Cloak and Dagger) and Dirk (*blush*) for patiently answering my techno’tard questions. You guys are the FIRE and I’ll arrange for some oral at a yet-undetermined time and location in the future.

I mean it. No, really. Really.

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