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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 18, 2000 || 8:29 pm

Some snippets of what my daughter had to say today:

Looking over her bow organizer this morning for a particular hair accessory:
“Well, red hairbows don’t just grow legsth and walk AWAY, you know!!”

Upon being picked up from school in the extreme heat:
“I swear, today is the worstest day in mah WHOLE LIFE!”

While passing the airport:
“There’s where great-grandma used to work, at the airplane station….”

What she threatened to do with Boumpy the Penguin if her brothers didn’t stop trying to wrestle it from her in the car:
“I’ll throw it out the window!”

Her response when we foolishly disputed prior claim:
“I will if I HAVE TO!!”

Speaking of the Human Torch:
“Wish I glowed in the dark like Torcher Man.”

Everyone says she’s a chip offa the old motherstone.

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