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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 19, 2000 || 12:13 am

Sitting here listening to “Josh’s Blair Witch Mix”….quite decent 1 a.m. music, if you give half a fuck about my opinion.

~You should, my little cuties, you should.~

Anyhoo, mmm-MMMM. That Public Image Ltd track….deeeelicious.

Back on track:
Makin’ time with the fermented grape and The Blair Witch Project soundtrack (should that have been capitalized?? and by the way, COOK, does that answer your question?). Don’tchoo worry them purty little heads; I got my paws on it before the whole kitschy-as-you-can, lure-of-the-clambakes-and-coming-out-parties set got wind of it. I AM SOOOO GROUND FLOOR, baybeee!

Somebody enthrall me. C’mon.

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