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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 26, 2000 || 10:09 am

Douglas girls have their own look. Even in this sprawling Appalachian cluster of communities, I can spot them a mile away when I see them in town. Their faces are starkly angular and they possess exaggerated chins, like they were molded around a golf ball or something. They always have on black eyeliner that is applied in a sort of seventies hard rock kinda way and lipstick in a color that brings out the yellow skintone that most women try to camouflage. They dress in a K-mart caricature of current fashion trends and their bodies are slim (not skinny) and angular in such a way that I am reminded that some are born that way, not methamphetamine-altered. They have big, starving-cat eyes and run about five-foot-six on the average. They will never know a plump day in their lives, but may well develop that little belly pooch upon giving birth to their children. They look street-hard but innocent….comes from hailing from a farm community, I guess. The hair is limp, whether curly or straight, and worn just below the shoulder. They are mild-mannered and they get around. Just something I have observed and was ruminating over…

ON AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE NOTE: Going to see the Blake Babies tonight and I am entirely jazzed about that. Evan Dando is opening with someone else…he is so yummalicious. He never ages, I swear. I believe he must be a ‘WamPieUh’ or something. I remarked on this to a friend and she said, “Well of course he is…why do you think all of his shows are at night??” Right on.

Until then, I have the house to myself, Oh thank you sweet blessed Jesus, and am working to fill orders. Today is like taking several relaxed breaths and it is lovely.

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