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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 26, 2000 || 3:54 pm

“Dis is my house an’ I set da stannards aroun’ he-yuh.”–Archie Bunker

There’s been an ‘All in the Family’ marathon playing whilst I have been working today. That show KILLS me! What kills me even more than the show is the thought that for a period in the late seventies (and if memory serves correctly, the early, early eighties) a white xenophobic misogynist ran around using words like ‘fag’ and ‘nigger’ in a national forum and the ratings SOARED. I am amazed that they even let it back on television in this age of deplorable maxi political correctness.

Before youse start, let me tell you that YES, I get the whole Edward Albee-like slant on the deal, but I love Archie’s overblown in-your-faceness anyhoo. I love the fact that he calls his son-in-law ‘meathead’ to his face several times on a daily basis. I LOVE ‘ALL IN THE FAMILY’ AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT IT. Ah youse?

AND THAT JEAN STAPLETON WAS A SHEER COMEDIC GENIUS. Bless you Jean, for wearing those uglyass aprons all those years.

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