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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 27, 2000 || 7:33 pm

You know how you run across something twenty years out and you had forgotten just how monumentally rad that it actually is??? ‘Brubaker‘ is one such thing, in celluloid form. I had even forgotten that movie ever damn existed*. I caught it today and geeholyhell it knocked my socks off….one of those timeless movies that really transcends itself.

Or perhaps I just really groove on prison movies. I dunno, but I really doubt it.

*See, when I was younger (like 5,6,7,8,9-13) my dad looked an INSANE amount like Robert Redford. He had that great head of perfect reddy-brownlike hair (thick as a mutha, and natural waves that women pay scads of moolah for) and looked fantabulous in jeans and rolled up sleeves. He had an easy, boylike smile, a voice as rich as chocolate and a rare masculine grace. My dad seemed to be the total package; he looked good enough to eat and I heard it constantly from friends, neighbors and countrymen. He also got the Redford comparison LOTS, so I seem now to draw a blank on any and all movies by Mr. Redford pre-Horse Whisperer. This isn’t a conscious, on-purpose sort of deal, so don’t ask ME; the mind is a complex thing and works in different ways….mine appears to usually be in sliding-scale mode….

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