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You felt you must be wise

‘Cause you could find yourself

Among a sea of smiling faces

It’s a way I’ve never felt

Yeah, it kinda flies right into my face

And out the other side

Oh, the ugly truth leaves nothing to decide

The ugly truth makes every one of us a liar


If you can dig a big enough hole

To bury all your youth

No you still won’t be prepared for the ugly truth

No you’ll never be prepared for the ugly truth

You simply cannot hide from the ugly truth


// Matthew Sweet, “The Ugly Truth

Now, that is what I call pretty.

|| August 19, 2000 || 12:13 am || Comments (0) ||

Sitting here listening to “Josh’s Blair Witch Mix”….quite decent 1 a.m. music, if you give half a fuck about my opinion.

~You should, my little cuties, you should.~

Anyhoo, mmm-MMMM. That Public Image Ltd track….deeeelicious.

Back on track:
Makin’ time with the fermented grape and The Blair Witch Project soundtrack (should that have been capitalized?? and by the way, COOK, does that answer your question?). Don’tchoo worry them purty little heads; I got my paws on it before the whole kitschy-as-you-can, lure-of-the-clambakes-and-coming-out-parties set got wind of it. I AM SOOOO GROUND FLOOR, baybeee!

Somebody enthrall me. C’mon.

|| August 18, 2000 || 8:29 pm || Comments (0) ||

Some snippets of what my daughter had to say today:

Looking over her bow organizer this morning for a particular hair accessory:
“Well, red hairbows don’t just grow legsth and walk AWAY, you know!!”

Upon being picked up from school in the extreme heat:
“I swear, today is the worstest day in mah WHOLE LIFE!”

While passing the airport:
“There’s where great-grandma used to work, at the airplane station….”

What she threatened to do with Boumpy the Penguin if her brothers didn’t stop trying to wrestle it from her in the car:
“I’ll throw it out the window!”

Her response when we foolishly disputed prior claim:
“I will if I HAVE TO!!”

Speaking of the Human Torch:
“Wish I glowed in the dark like Torcher Man.”

Everyone says she’s a chip offa the old motherstone.

|| August 18, 2000 || 10:25 am || Comments (0) ||

Dirk hates my design.

Well, Dirk, I do too.

I need to re-vamp the whole place. I need to learn some fancy HTML or Java or Flash. I need to throw up some tables and some frames and some eye-soothing layout. I need to finish the overall content.

I suck, but I am trying to improve.

This has been a groovy public service announcement. Peace out, yo.

|| August 17, 2000 || 5:09 pm || Comments (0) ||

Second webring….can’t get the farging logo to display properly….shite!


Now that I have gotten offa my cyberass and have dipped my toes squeamishly into the pool of HTML I feel compelled to re-assemble the whole eye-offending, browser-finicky (?? I am just assuming here…no one has mailed or messaged me to the contrary….I have tried it on other machines and in other formats and find no glaring probs) layout of my site. It looks very trailer-trashy.


I suppose that I will do so, but not before I finish the whole “Just register your own domain, we’ll host you, shut up!” conversation that Eric and I started. BTW, Eric, thank you for the ‘l33t counsel at three a.m.; on second thought, screw ya, you had nothing better to do at work.

Thanks as well to Caffeine (Mister Cloak and Dagger) and Dirk (*blush*) for patiently answering my techno’tard questions. You guys are the FIRE and I’ll arrange for some oral at a yet-undetermined time and location in the future.

I mean it. No, really. Really.


If I was Katie, I’d be pissed off too. I’d be extra-special pissed with a cherry on top. I would not be as (ahem) graceful and patient as she seemingly is.

I would be way, WAYugly and extremely verbally abusive to Katie Tarbox and her evil, pus-oozing corporate minions. I would send my attorney, Will, after Katie Tarbox and Company with a heated fury that rivaled the depths of Hades itself. He would cripple them with his extremely well-worded nastygrams and they would be forced to buckle under the weight of his monstrous legal skill and his intoxicating Southern-barrister laconicism. Will has a cheerful record of success that is brutally high when viewed from any given angle.

Katie Tarbox and her Merry Band of Big-Business Cheesedicks would be left crying, offering up all the toys in their toyboxes and signing over their firstborns for servitude to my own children.

But hey, that’s just ME.

Let the original Katie know you’re rootin’ for her.