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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 24, 2000 || 8:02 pm

The web be moobin’ slooow here tonite (guess a cow is standing on a cable or somethin’) so I have decided that I shall just type and type until my little handsies drop right off.

Talked to one of me best mates from the glory days of ninth through twelfth. Our high school was situated right across from a laboratory that specialized in concocting wonderful smells to put into packaged commercial foods so that they actually smelled like what it was they were supposed to be (picklier pickles, kool-aidier kool-aid and so on and so forth). All this laboratory talk is neither here nor there, but I decided that it was an interesting tidbit that you were to be blessed with. Thank me with [beerier] beer and [sausagier] sausages at some unforeseen date in the future. mMMmmkay.

So I felt the need to call him up and ask him his thoughts on a certain ’situation’ in my life so that he could make fun of and insult me to the point of pants-wetting embarrassment. Not really…I’d never wet my britches.

All seriousness aside, he is a really great dude. He and his wife just produced an heir, which made me wince at first. His wife is quite lovely and together; I simply did not want her sullying her gene pool with the likes of him.

No now, really. He has quit his extremely ludicrously-large-paying job (as his wife’s is considerably more extremely ludicrously-large-paying….take that, glass ceiling!) to become a stay-at-home dad to his quite lovely and together baby female homo sapien. He just wanted to be able to lounge around in boxers all day (as he did not work at Our Nation’s Capitol, this was severely frowned upon by his employer) and talk trash on the internet (a quite natural extension of his natural personality, I assure you).

Totally unforeseen by him was the fact that said baby would be kicking his ass at N64 before the second week was out.

Stay-at-home dads are wickedly groovy. They are rapidly enlightened, too.

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