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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 8, 2000 || 12:41 am

Blogger is all fucked up. Somebody out there is tweaking something that doesn’t need to be twuk and there are bloggers out there swearing like apeshit at their blogs, their server, their being cut off from their cybernook, the internet in general. They are clenching their jaws in fury at their monitor, throwing sidelong disgusted glances at their CPU. And let’s not even mention their connex speeds. Oh, a resounding and mighty “HELL NO!”.

Can I snivellingly ask if this little sit-yoo-ayshee might be cleared up soon, perhaps? Maybe? Piddy peeese? With ball gags–oops, I mean cherries–on top? I have a few things to talk about. And there is reserved seating here up front.

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