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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 11, 2000 || 10:05 am

My guardian angel likes rock and roll. I’m pretty convinced that God Himself does as well.

I’ve come to this conclusion because of something that started happening around 1990.

You see, anytime I’ve had a situation of monumental doubt or unease unfold upon me, I am given a message. A sign, if you will.

Out of nowhere, I will hear the song “All Right Now” by Free (a bawdy bunch from ye olde seventies). Months and months can go by and I simply never hear it. But hey, bring out some personal ambiguity on my part and BAM!, there it is. Whether it’s in my vehicle, a passerby, on television or a store, I hear that particular song. // Ever hear the Muzak version? See what I mean? I have. \\

Thanks, Dear Heavenly Father, for giving me an angel that knows how to pick ‘em.

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