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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 5, 2000 || 12:01 am

Wellllll, hello there, my little lovelies.

I have spent the last couple of days amidst coughing and hurling people. WAIT. Lemme re-word that (although the way I worded it that time made me laugh until I cried….check the visual on ‘hurling people’). I have spent the last couple of days amongst people that were coughing and hurling. I am pretty taxed.

After everyone was bathed and settled in tonight, I practically fled to the shop. I’ve not had a chance to do anything remotely creative or artistic in the last week or so, and tonight has been very cathartic.

I’ve been working furiously in whatever medium crosses my field of consciousness at the time, listening to Our Lady Peace and Faure (in turns) VERY LOUD.

I’ve also been thinking. I am thinking that I am pretty goshdarn happy. And more than lucky. And (oh, how exciting, beautiful reader!) glad to be on the planet at this moment in time, in this place.

I believe in preordination and I know that right now and forevermore all is well with things, despite the stupidity and hideousness that lies in wait for us, to make us forget THE REAL.

QUICK! Go hug somebody and demand that they hug your dumb ass back. I’m going home to do that very thing this very minute.

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