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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 18, 2000 || 4:45 pm

A good daddy and his only son dead. The rest of his family in the hospital. It’s one week before Christmas. This makes me cry.

The count is at 12 for dead, Idunnohowmany for wounded, and lots of people lost everything. What they didn’t lose they had to watch ruin under a couple inches of snow with the promise of more moving in. I wonder how the holidays will affect those that were involved. Will they feel blessed to still be here? Will they always have a heavy cloud hanging over this time of year, will everyone else’s festivities grate them?

I still twitch at the fact that it was so close. James Crowder was my husband’s age, who is also a good dad. Their family was the inverse of ours, two girls and one boy. The only namesake gone. At Christmastime.


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