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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 27, 2000 || 3:33 pm

Hi-hihi. How’s you?

I have had so many topics zinging through my head that I’ve wanted to post about this past week, but no time. And less energy than time, to be frank (oh, you wanna be frank? then I’ll be alice. no…alice is a robot. also a really lame television show. I’ll be janice or somebody more or less exciting, depending upon my mood…)

Anyway, I hope the holidays are treating you fairly. Meaning I hope that all the schmucks are getting their just desserts and the non-schmucky folks are enjoying the piss out of themselves, receiving copious amounts of beer and sausages.


My daughter and I discussing video games on the way to the movies this morning:
HER: And did you know that there is a Zelda for Nintendo 64 and Playstation and computer and even one for Tardies too?
ME: Tardies?? (thinking that a new system has come out and I am even FURTHER outta the loop)
HER: Yeah, Tardies, you know, the game system like you and daddy played when you were kids.
HER: Yeah, mom, that’s what I said, Tardies.

Sheesh. I am SO hearing impaired! LOL…

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