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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 29, 2000 || 2:58 pm

There are a couple of blogs that I read regularly. Or journal-type thingys, for those who don’t buy into the whole blog concept. I was recently very flattered by the content of one of them, even though it was just sort of a blurb. I like this person very much and consider the fact that I am on their ‘regular reads’ list a big ego-inflater. *blushy-wush*

Recently the aforementioned person landed a blow of impatience on someone else: “Wake up, dolt!” and I instinctively knew who the other person was…although I don’t really know them, per se. So I went to the site of this other person, to see what had been said to evoke the response from my friend.

Now it behooves me to respond, even though it is damn well none of my fucking business. But is anything, really?

We as women are painfully funny creatures. Men are really even funnier, but I consider women funny in a more manic, caricatured fashion. We ARE, in fact HUGE caricatures of everything that we believe we are supposed to be. Therein lies the dilemma for most females. We weren’t done justice being raised up from little girl-lets, therefore, we don’t do ourselves justice in that space between being girls and becoming women. Hang with me, here…I’m getting to it. Get out your Little Orpan Annie secret decoder ring if you have to.

For years I thought I was a woman. YEARS. Then I became enlightened enough to realize that owning your own set of car keys, having a career and a period and a voter registration and posessing a couple of self-purchased dresses do not a woman make. Nor does having a sexually active (no matter how selective it may be) twat. They camoflage and put out that illusion for the world and even for you yourself. Fool yourself yet again, little chickie. Conform.

BLECK!!! and here we sit, we silly little females, wallowing in perfume and putrescence, not really letting what is meant to fall into place actually fall there. We are giddy and stupid and not really worthy of the gifts given to us by God, those things born into us that truly make us women and worthy of all the things that we are trained up (by and large) to desire.

You know, I was in my late twenties (not so long ago, for I still am a twentysomething) before I grew into myself spiritually and emotionally. This is not to say that I don’t still have things to experience and learn, especially in those arenas, but I became aware. It wasn’t until then that I could rightfully claim the title “woman”.

One of my biggest lessons was in theory the simplest, but the one that was the most liberating and satisfying to learn. Here it is…you ready?:

Your partner should compliment the you that is already complete, NOT complete the you that you have not yet become.

Do you get it? If you don’t (and I know some ladies that are in their fifties that don’t get it yet and may in fact never get it), then you have my sympathy. You are destined for personal discomfort until such time as you do. When and if the time comes that you are enlightened in this manner, it will be the biggest relief ever in your entire existence. I swear it will. And you will marvel at it’s simplicity. You will breath a sigh of comfort and wonder. It is absolutely crisp and amazing.

Here comes another truth that I find innately important, one that we were not told as young women coming up:

Not everyone with whom you would fall in love is the person that you were meant to be with.

Baffling, I know. This one applies to both male and female, but we double-x carriers seem to have the most difficulty with it. We were built largely on an emotional plane, and we tend to cling to things of an emotional nature, even if it is to our detriment. Discernment comes with wisdom. Wisdom comes with experience. Some do not allow themselves the experience to gain wisdom. Please don’t mistake this as a license from me to fling yourselves wantonly about in a physical or emotional sense, but DO step out. You won’t learn otherwise. Just cherish yourself as you would wish someone else to, don’t lay down your standard at the foot of someone who is unworthy. Don’t make excuses for yourself OR anyone else and you should be fine.

When I was a wee thing attending church regularly, we were given the pat advice to date only someone whom we would intend to marry. What a fucking imbecilic and utterly irresponsible thing for any grown person to say to a hormone-laced younger. How do you, sirs and ma’ams, expect me to cull the pool of applicants without first diving in and seeing what my likes and wants and turn-offs and triggers are in another person? That piece of advice is rife with reckless pompousity and fearful ignorance. You people who say things like this are fucking dangerous. Why did anyone appoint you church elders? Give kids some practical info, like how to be honest with themselves and others, in every sense of the word!

Look, I could hold court all day. I could charge phat dollaz for everything I have to say and there are those who would buy a ticket, maybe even twice. If you get it, you get it. I sincerely hope you do. If you are of the mettle of those that don’t, then I wish for you the thickest blinders imaginable, for you shan’t be happy without them.

And oh yeah, if you have never read it, this poem applies.

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