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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 20, 2001 || 2:03 am

SHHHH….nobody say my name really loud or so much as nod in my direction, please. I am taking a well-earned respite from the prepubescent masses gathered presently in my family room.

Eldest boy-child is celebrating his near-brush with double digits. Many little accomplices (accomplii?? Whaa….?) joined him this evening. So far I have whipped up three ultramegadyn0mite pan-bending pizzas (of various topping combos), a batch-and-a-half of lovingly prepared chocolate chip cookies and two big ole bowls of popcorn. We will not even get into the whole soda issue except to say that my own child is in hog heaven as he is normally on stringent soda restriction.

Anyway, it’s barely 1 a.m., so I have a huge bag of M&Ms as back up in case of total Donna Reed meltdown (which, I feel, is quickly approaching….I am a ROCK STAR, for Chrissakes!). And the pepto is on standby. KAPOW! Don’t mess with the best, buddy.

At this point, many video and board games have been played and we are into movie number three. The games will return soon, I fear, for I am famous in this neck of the woods for the level of coolness that accompanies the prizes and party favors that I give away. Right on.

I think I shall deflect any more gaming at this juncture. I’m gonna go spike my hair, put on lots of black eyeliner, don some vampy red lipstick and slip into my “Charlie Don’t Surf” t-shirt. Then we will break out copious amounts of candles and lay to it with the ghost stories. Wanna come along???

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