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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 27, 2001 || 4:37 pm

My brain is still doing that crazy yo-yo thing; I wish like fuck it would stop….
*plaintive sigh*

Why am I not enough for myself, ever? Why does the dissatisfaction eat at my guts like this every so often?

ME TO GAL PAL: “I must be going through a mid-life crisis or something. That’s it, right?”
GAL PAL TO ME: (laughing) “That’s outrageous. You’re not even thirty yet. You’re too young for a mid-life crisis.”
~here’s where I obscenely thought, “….not if I die in my forties….“~
ME TO GAL PAL: “Well, what’s your spin on it, then??”
GAL PAL TO ME: “I think that probably you’ve never been happy in your whole life and you’re afraid to relax and just let yourself be.”
ME TO GAL PAL: “Yeah, maybe….guess I’m ready for the shoe to drop and just maybe it’s already been put quietly away in the closet.”

Still I don’t feel better. I am, to coin a lovely Southern colloquialism, ‘ate up with it’.

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