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|| March 28, 2001 || 8:38 am || Comments (0) ||

I have logged in to blog at least a halfadozen times in the past couple of days, but when I finally get here I am just not able to do an entry. There is so much roiling in my brain that I cannot seem to adequately convey what’s in there without just giving up, fatigued and frustrated.

I leave tomorrow for the Great Delta Region. The purpose of my visit is a reunion.

I would rather have all of my fingernails ripped off slowly than to attend a full class reunion, but I am looking forward to this particular reunion, as it will only consist of my high school AP English class. Well, two-thirds of them, anyway.

We were together the entire four years of high school, so we ended up a big goofy family, pretty much. All 19 of us had very distinct personalities and a gift with the English language. It made for some very interesting conversation and pretty intense arguments, at the time.

One person started this whole roller coaster ride, and then it kind of got placed in my lap. As I have been tracking everyone down and contacting them, I have been reminded of incidents and stories that have touched on every emotion that I have; I am amazed at some of the things that people remember about what I said or did, the little stories that they have been carrying around in relation to me. So far, it’s been pretty positive. No one seems to recall me being as mouthy a bitch as I thought I was….

Along with the altogether reunion, there will be a series of little personal reunions. The thought of them makes me twitch in delighted anticipation and giddy dread. This confuses me, as I generally am pretty sure of myself. I guess there are just some people that were and are so special to me that I don’t want to screw this up. Normally I just have this FIDO (“fuck it, drive on”) attitude.

Every synapse is firing, folks, and I am nauseous.

I can’t write about this anymore. Maybe later.

Oh yeah, go buy the new Train CD. It doesn’t suck.

|| March 27, 2001 || 2:02 pm || Comments (0) ||

And hey, while I am ego-whoring, you should just scurry on over to Bloghop and rate me. For those of you with that have been comatose, it’s a nifty little tool to find some good new reads. As with any other endeavour, though, you have to wade through your fair share of caca. You have been warned.

|| March 27, 2001 || 1:35 pm || Comments (0) ||

Last week I found out quite by accident that someone besides Chum or Unx likes what I have to say enough to link me. I am terribly, insanely flattered, even moreso because the referrer is actually a good site. Good design, well laid out, grammatically correct, all that shit.

And by the WAY, Unx ole boy, I read your words of praise at Lucid Confusion (another well-thought-out, sweet lil’ site with actual STUFF to say) and I want to claw your eyes out, too…..ONLEEE KEEEDINK! I love the way you chose to sum me up. There is no other description that could be more suitable. *blushes hotly*

And to the lovely Dirk: I have not been practicing Dirk Avoidance or Dirk Abstinence (pardon me whilst I laugh uproariously, but those two words just don’t….mesh). I have two reasons/excuses/whatever. Numero uno is that I have been pretty busy. Nombre Deux says that I am mortally embarrassed that I have made NO PROGRESS whatsoever on our project. I write character bios, sketch out plots and then crumple up the whole fucking notebook and start over. So far nothing has felt….right. It’s been a while since I wrote anything structured or of merit. Frustratingly enough, it is taking much effort to get back into the feel of it. I’m slowly catching my rhythm, so don’t give up on me yet, okay?? I loved the last post you did; you should come around more often. I miss our exchanges.

And by the way, I am busy gathering ammo and kitschy thrift-store clothes. I got you this great pair of pants…..

|| March 26, 2001 || 11:04 am || Comments (0) ||

With regards to eBay sniping: I’ve been sniped and I have sniped. It’s part of the territory. If you want to avoid it in the future, bid about a MILLION DOLLARS for every item, no matter how small.

With regards to cremation: I intend to be buried the old-fashioned way. An old girlfriend was opposed to cemetaries because she though it wrong to take land from the living for the dead, which for me is…


I WANT to be a burden upon humanity for all eternity and this is as good a way as any to achieve this goal.

The old saying is, “I think, therefore I am.” I live by the philosophy of, “I displace, therefore I am.” I figure, you can be sitting there thinking all you want, but if you can’t get to the fridge to get a beer because I’m blocking the door, you have no choice but to accept my existence.

So there.


That was the absolute worst piece of film that needed to be cut into ukelele picks I saw last year!!! I’ve gotten into SCREAMING matches with retards who think that mess was anything more than a bathhouse spank flick. But for the truly magical “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” to lose to the worst toga flick since “Animal House” is positively shameful.

It doesn’t look like Jett’s gonna ever talk to me again. (Wish I knew why. Odd that I’m still entitled to blog. Maybe this will be the last time. If so, g’bye.)

|| March 23, 2001 || 9:54 pm || Comments (0) ||

Uhhhh, gleaming the….something….

Seems the whole cremation entry rattled all but the hardcore fans: my hits are waaaay down. *teehee*

|| March 22, 2001 || 11:46 pm || Comments (0) ||

I want to be one of those empty girls.” Wow.

|| March 22, 2001 || 11:01 pm || Comments (0) ||

I love Mark Ryden’s work. Just in case you didn’t know.

A few months ago I found a set of signed and numbered postcards (LE of something like 2,000) on his website. They were small replications of most of the paintings from ‘The Meat Show’. I salivated and vowed to hoard my pennies. And right about then, gas prices became noxiously bloated and winter was-a rollin’ in. DRAT AND DOUBLE DRAT. Foiled again!

About the time I got hunkered down over enough spare change to cover this recent art lust, I moseyed (mosied? wtf??) on over to his site, my covetous grimace magically transformed into the mask of a happy purchaser.

“(sorry, this item has sold out)” is the cursory response to your flattened glee. Bastards! Why for ya gotta sound so contemptuous, HUH?

I was sorely vexed THAT day, let me tell ya. I just so rarely get fixated on something I reeeaaaalllly, reaaaalllly like that the ouch factor is midly devastating if I can’t swing with those rare whims.

Then one day I happened to be so droned-out and bored that I examined e-bay. I am a loser. I bid on a pewter statuette of The Human Torch, NIB, aaaaassssss old. I think. It was numbered, anyway…..

I won that sucker. My friend Bonzai says to me, “It ain’t winnin’, Beth, if ya gotta PAY.” I still think I won, though, I beat somebody else’s bid. If this ain’t gambling, then it’s a kissing cousin.

Somehow a spark struck in me one day and I entered Mark Ryden’s name in the search hole. THE MEAT SHOW SET WAS THERE!!!

Long and short of it: I bid on Mark Ryden postcards week after laborious week. Got sniped several times….sniping is where another bidder slides under the wire just a titch ahead of you in the last 45 seconds before the auction closes out. I actually got pissed off because of it. Finally, a couple days ago, I lazily and apathetically placed a bid on another set. I didn’t even really pay attention to the end of the auction, as I had previously done. I thought I had no shot, as my max bid was several dollars less than what the sets have been going for recently.

*trumpeting fanfare here, please* LO AND BEHOLD, there was mail in my inbox that stated I was a …. WINNAH! I hope they arrive before my birthday. Hooray!