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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 22, 2001 || 11:01 pm

I love Mark Ryden’s work. Just in case you didn’t know.

A few months ago I found a set of signed and numbered postcards (LE of something like 2,000) on his website. They were small replications of most of the paintings from ‘The Meat Show’. I salivated and vowed to hoard my pennies. And right about then, gas prices became noxiously bloated and winter was-a rollin’ in. DRAT AND DOUBLE DRAT. Foiled again!

About the time I got hunkered down over enough spare change to cover this recent art lust, I moseyed (mosied? wtf??) on over to his site, my covetous grimace magically transformed into the mask of a happy purchaser.

“(sorry, this item has sold out)” is the cursory response to your flattened glee. Bastards! Why for ya gotta sound so contemptuous, HUH?

I was sorely vexed THAT day, let me tell ya. I just so rarely get fixated on something I reeeaaaalllly, reaaaalllly like that the ouch factor is midly devastating if I can’t swing with those rare whims.

Then one day I happened to be so droned-out and bored that I examined e-bay. I am a loser. I bid on a pewter statuette of The Human Torch, NIB, aaaaassssss old. I think. It was numbered, anyway…..

I won that sucker. My friend Bonzai says to me, “It ain’t winnin’, Beth, if ya gotta PAY.” I still think I won, though, I beat somebody else’s bid. If this ain’t gambling, then it’s a kissing cousin.

Somehow a spark struck in me one day and I entered Mark Ryden’s name in the search hole. THE MEAT SHOW SET WAS THERE!!!

Long and short of it: I bid on Mark Ryden postcards week after laborious week. Got sniped several times….sniping is where another bidder slides under the wire just a titch ahead of you in the last 45 seconds before the auction closes out. I actually got pissed off because of it. Finally, a couple days ago, I lazily and apathetically placed a bid on another set. I didn’t even really pay attention to the end of the auction, as I had previously done. I thought I had no shot, as my max bid was several dollars less than what the sets have been going for recently.

*trumpeting fanfare here, please* LO AND BEHOLD, there was mail in my inbox that stated I was a …. WINNAH! I hope they arrive before my birthday. Hooray!

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