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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 27, 2001 || 1:35 pm

Last week I found out quite by accident that someone besides Chum or Unx likes what I have to say enough to link me. I am terribly, insanely flattered, even moreso because the referrer is actually a good site. Good design, well laid out, grammatically correct, all that shit.

And by the WAY, Unx ole boy, I read your words of praise at Lucid Confusion (another well-thought-out, sweet lil’ site with actual STUFF to say) and I want to claw your eyes out, too…..ONLEEE KEEEDINK! I love the way you chose to sum me up. There is no other description that could be more suitable. *blushes hotly*

And to the lovely Dirk: I have not been practicing Dirk Avoidance or Dirk Abstinence (pardon me whilst I laugh uproariously, but those two words just don’t….mesh). I have two reasons/excuses/whatever. Numero uno is that I have been pretty busy. Nombre Deux says that I am mortally embarrassed that I have made NO PROGRESS whatsoever on our project. I write character bios, sketch out plots and then crumple up the whole fucking notebook and start over. So far nothing has felt….right. It’s been a while since I wrote anything structured or of merit. Frustratingly enough, it is taking much effort to get back into the feel of it. I’m slowly catching my rhythm, so don’t give up on me yet, okay?? I loved the last post you did; you should come around more often. I miss our exchanges.

And by the way, I am busy gathering ammo and kitschy thrift-store clothes. I got you this great pair of pants…..

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