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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 28, 2001 || 8:38 am

I have logged in to blog at least a halfadozen times in the past couple of days, but when I finally get here I am just not able to do an entry. There is so much roiling in my brain that I cannot seem to adequately convey what’s in there without just giving up, fatigued and frustrated.

I leave tomorrow for the Great Delta Region. The purpose of my visit is a reunion.

I would rather have all of my fingernails ripped off slowly than to attend a full class reunion, but I am looking forward to this particular reunion, as it will only consist of my high school AP English class. Well, two-thirds of them, anyway.

We were together the entire four years of high school, so we ended up a big goofy family, pretty much. All 19 of us had very distinct personalities and a gift with the English language. It made for some very interesting conversation and pretty intense arguments, at the time.

One person started this whole roller coaster ride, and then it kind of got placed in my lap. As I have been tracking everyone down and contacting them, I have been reminded of incidents and stories that have touched on every emotion that I have; I am amazed at some of the things that people remember about what I said or did, the little stories that they have been carrying around in relation to me. So far, it’s been pretty positive. No one seems to recall me being as mouthy a bitch as I thought I was….

Along with the altogether reunion, there will be a series of little personal reunions. The thought of them makes me twitch in delighted anticipation and giddy dread. This confuses me, as I generally am pretty sure of myself. I guess there are just some people that were and are so special to me that I don’t want to screw this up. Normally I just have this FIDO (“fuck it, drive on”) attitude.

Every synapse is firing, folks, and I am nauseous.

I can’t write about this anymore. Maybe later.

Oh yeah, go buy the new Train CD. It doesn’t suck.

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