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|| March 20, 2001 || 12:08 am || Comments (0) ||

You can log that 15 honestly now, brutha.

|| March 20, 2001 || 12:03 am || Comments (0) ||

Today is Tuesday. I must remember that today is Tuesday.
It sure as hell feels like a Saturday, though.

|| March 20, 2001 || 12:02 am || Comments (0) ||

Tonight, I am blogger’s red-headed stepchild. Blogger hates me, man.

|| March 19, 2001 || 11:57 pm || Comments (0) ||

It seems that I forgot to mention that I blew the dust off of Hooverphonic’s “A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular” and gave it a spin tonight. I still love it as much as ever.

|| March 19, 2001 || 11:45 pm || Comments (0) ||

I chose a lovely quote to open this evening’s festivities, (it was “My idea of Heaven is a place where the Tyne meets the Delta, where folk music meets the blues.” if you really MUST know; Mark Knopfler said it.) because it perfectly frames the way I feel right now. I just returned from Memphis yesterday evening….I always leave it with a sense of loss and regret pulling at my insides, like I have a suction cup below my ribcage that is sticking mightily to the city. My roots are in the blues. My experiences smack of folk.

You, over there….you ridin’ this train of thought?

So this time I left, knowing full well that I would be back in two short weeks for a very important ‘meeting of the minds’. Somehow that made it worse: I did not have to fully detach myself as I usually do, resigned that I would forever call it ‘home’ no matter where my head and feet rest. It was sort of in reverse. Like I was going away from home for a couple weeks and I would then come back.

The brain is capable of crafting some silver-plated scenarios, ya know?

And, *twilight zone theme fading up here* I checked my e-mail a scant 24 minutes ago and there sat an electronic message from none other than Milton Lee. The one I told you guys about a few weeks back. Eeerrrriiiiieeee….haven’t heard from him in 14 or so years and I open my mouth and puff a person back into my life. Key-rayzee.

I am proud of myself, though. I haven’t hyperventilated yet. Part of what he wrote:

“You were my closest friend in high school. I have some of your letters.”

My cosmic bell has been rung loudly several times in the last several months. I wonder, what is it that I am being called to?

|| March 19, 2001 || 11:23 am || Comments (0) ||

That always seems to be the case: You’re writing the supreme manifesto that will layeth the smacketh down upon the the unwashed heathen and your browser CRASHES!!!

That’s why if I feel a major rant coming on, I fire up Word and work there. Then it’s a simple Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V to post my wonderful (and spell-checked) prose.

Another helpful hint from DIRK™ Labs.

15 – Number of rounds my 9mm clips hold.

5 – Number of years since I’ve even gone to a target range. (Been relying on drive-bys to stay in practice.)

|| March 19, 2001 || 9:54 am || Comments (0) ||


I wrote a lovely, florid post last night, addressing you each individually.

Blogger ate it.