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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 27, 2001 || 1:50 pm

Against my better judgement, I am being dragged along to a Widespread Panic concert tonight. I bought the tickets back in March as a birthday present for Maxim. He wavered back and forth between WP and Phil Lesh (I personally opted for this one, despite my abhorrence for the Grateful Dead….doesn’t everybody want to see a physicist bangin’ out some notes, COME ON!), but finally decided on the former. Part of the deal was that I have to go this time….I’ve sent him merrily along on his way two other times, once with Heath and once with James (a.k.a. “here, sit down and I will list for you all of the reasons why I know that I am the reincarnation of Christ.”). Now, as best friend and great lay extraordinaire, I am required to attend. Some things ya just do because ya love somebody.

I shall wear my 7 Year Bitch t-shirt, so that the hippies will know that I am not one of them. I shall make a badge that says “Don’t even THINK about touching me, treehuggers!” and I shall wear it. I shall sport the biggest, baddest pair of boots that I own, replete with colored laces that will lead everyone to believe that I am a hatemonger of the worst variety. I will be quietly edgy and passively surly, just to see what happens. I will douse myself loudly in the most expensive perfume I own so as to combat the rampant patchouli and sandalwood that I will more than likely encounter. I shall bring a clothespin for my nose just in case; you know how smelly them hippies can get. I realize that I will be costing myself some killer contact highs, but perhaps that is for my greater good, as well. If I had a fur coat, I would wear that for shock value also, but oh well…

I shan’t wear blinders, because I may miss out on some freaky-deaky weirdness, and we all KNOW that I am all about freaky-deaky weirdness.

And who knows?? I may even like the music. I’m all about music in it’s infinite varieties and forms and I might come away with something nice.

MIGHT, I said.

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