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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 19, 2001 || 6:08 pm

Oh great, I have to follow “Hell Is For Children” with my trifle…

I posted this to a thread about bad hotel rooms:

A couple of years back, me and the Significant Other™ went to Chicago to catch a friend’s bands and we thought that we’d be hooking up with some people to crash at their place.


It didn’t work out that way and we found ourselves trying to score accomodations at 2 a.m. All we needed was a place to sleep and we didn’t want to pay megabucks, so we spotted a place that looked a little seedy, but not dreadful. The price was decent, so we went for it.


The only thing missing from the complete Blues Brothers experience was there wasn’t an old guy yelling, “Ya got my Cheeze Whiz, boy?”, at us. The place had community bathrooms (none in the room) including a tub that looked totally unused and the sounds of weirdness oozing thru the doors as we walked the halls to our room. It was tiny and “rustic”, but we figured we wouldn’t get murdered in our sleep. I quoted “Fours Rooms – The Misbehavors” segment by mock-yelling, “There’s a dead whore in the bed!”

SO™ said, “It’s not that I don’t want to have sex with you, but I don’t want to take off my clothes in here.”

Since I’d already been having the same thoughts, we sacked out in our clothes ON TOP of the covers. We awoke with our hair, teeth and other body parts intact and not for auction on eBay. Whew!

We’re going back in June. (We already have a room booked at a OK place we’ve stayed before.)

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