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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 21, 2001 || 2:39 am

Shit, man….SHIT. Kaycee was a LIE. A big, fat motherfucking LIE. Given my predisposition to think the worst of the human race, why am I surprised?

Welllll, not so much surprised as perplexed. WTF??

For those of us who keep journal’s, and blog’s and we tell the truth in them, and are trusting enough to believe that other’s are telling the truth as well, this is a big deal.

This whole issue has raised an indelible ruckus on a big hunk of the web. Some of Kaycee’s most ardent supporters and defenders have a mighty web presence and their names have been defiled. There was all kinds of sympathy and kinsmanship with this *supposed* girl who was *supposedly* dying of cancer. There were all sorts of outpourings upon the supposition that she lived, and undiluted grieving on the occasion of her ‘untimely death’. Hell, there was even a message board started to offer Debbie (*supposed* mom extraordinaire) and family condolence messages. All kinds of suckers left them.

I am not immune. Mine is on page 4. The subject has been and is being lukewarmly debated over at MetaFilter. Not for long. The ‘weekday webbers’ will log on at offices all over the nation later this morning and boy howdy, will they every be PISSED. Let the insane public outcry commence! Let the heads roll!

Let us all just get on with our lives…..

I think back in earnest now, and readily admit that I was a party to my own duping. I mean, come on, I have seen more than one person amble on through the stages that lead to death. I’ve even written about some in this forum. Not one –let me repeat for the record, NOT FUCKING ONE– met 90% of the moments with grace and dignity and good humor and an oh-so-sparkly attitude. So I allowed myself to be tricked even though I have lived it and actually know better, because it made for good copy. A story is supposed to make you feel, right? Everyone needs a good heroine once in a while, don’t they?…even if, like me, they usually ABHOR the gushy, idealized, romancey-type hoo-hah??

“You see, the reality of Kaycee doesn’t matter. The fallout is what does.”
Amen, brother…whoever the heck said it, that is….I have perused so many opinions in the last three hours that I stopped taking notes. Kindly forgive my plagiarism.

Anyway, back to my own duping, and the duping of those far nobler and wiser than I:

The simple fact of it is that, in today’s society, reality sells. No one really seems to care that it’s a prepackaged, glammed-up or smutted-down version of reality, ’cause drama sells as well. Give us something with even the merest dose of ‘reality’ and we gobble it up for real fare, buffoons that we are. At present I am reflecting on the fact that the words ‘fare’ and ‘farce’ just ain’t that far apart and it makes me cackle like a loony bird. We are the largest symptoms of our own conditions, but far too unwise and self-absorbed to realize it. Someone on one of the MetaFilter threads wondered if the mainstream media would pick this up. Well fuck yeah, they will….20/20 will have an in-depth profile of the whole debacle as a matter of course. They will interview people that do matter and cut out the most important things that they have to say on this; they will interview people that don’t matter and include the most irrelevant of bullshit. Some people will be hanging their heads in shame that they were so thoroughly had while others are jumping around, SweatHog-esque, screaming, “Oooh, ooooh, I knew her, I knewwwww herrrrr!”, pick-me style. Pfft.

And people have been hurt unnecessarily. And more cynics have been created. The existing cynics are morosely right.

And we all have been de-sensitized to an even greater degree. Thanks, Debbie, you disturbed freak of nature. Thanks a wad, you dirty bitch. You need help. In the absence of you seeking if for yourself, I hope someone heaps out an extra-large dose of intervention on your ass.

I know that I am sounding angry here, but that’s not the scope of my thoughts on this. I won’t lie, I’m not hugely saddened. I’m sort of relieved. Most of all I am insanely perplexed.

A couple of people over there to the left of your screen “knew” Kaycee and have been conspicuously quiet about this whole thing. Perhaps they are ignoring, which is smart. Perhaps they are waiting for the jury to convene after all the evidence has rolled on in, which is smarter. We’ll see what the next couple of days or weeks shakes out. Should be more interesting than your average trainwreck….

Since I have to retire to the comfort of my bed now, I shall leave you with the perceptions of some others:












Sleep tight.

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