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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 22, 2001 || 1:24 am

Okay, I SWORE that I would not say another word about the Kaycee scenario…..I SWORE that I would stay away from that newest thread at MeFi, and the one over at Yahoo!Groups.

Boy, am I glad that I lied to myself. I am glad tonight that I was weak as all get-out. I find it ironic, as will some of my long-term readers, that I make it a point NOT to take in the news in all its’ glorious forms, but I was there whilst this story was being fleshed out in that MeFi thread. The internet community sniffed out the truth and we JUMPED the story on EVERYONE. Flat-out scooped ‘em.

I should say that the story was flushed out into the open. This happened because the perpetrator(s) of this hoax seemed to have followed the stranger-by-the-minute conversation on samesaid MetaFilter thread. It seems that collectively, we put the puzzle together. A person brought a piece in *here*. Placed it….just…..so. People tell her to go the hell away, there IS NO PUZZLE. She said, “Fuck you,” and stuck around with her puzzle piece. Hell, she even scraped up a couple more. Another person brought a piece in *here*. Another person brought a piece in *there*. Placed them…..just…..so. Yet another person brought in a whole fucking corner. After that, the pieces come easier.

[Part of] Guilty party caves….panicks and confesses, before a lynch mob pulls a Yahoo!Map to her doorway and uses it.

It seems that this sicko housewife/mother/apparently unhinged person was using the photographs of a young lady who played ball (I am purposely not stating her name and posting a link to her true identity; people will probably find it out soon enough, and I wish her a good night’s sleep before all hell breaks loose in her life) for a Christian University in the Midwest to perpetuate the scam. Oddly enough, the scam began with her prepubescent daughter and instead of squashing it upon discovery, mom scoops it up, embellishes it, makes it her own. It picked up a following. Eventually, it got too big and had to be killed off out of necessity. Someone somewhere would have to produce a body, and if that body didn’t match the one of a young female roundballer somebody’s goose would be served up with dumplings at the next fraud feast.

And if the irony that all of the pieces were gleaned using the web and it’s wondrous tools, available to anyone with a dial-up and a machine, should somehow escape you: ALL OF THE PIECES WERE GLEANED USING THE WEB AND IT’S WONDROUS TOOLS THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO ANYONE WITH A DIAL-UP AND A MACHINE…HOW IRONIC!

And, for the record, I know that there are other significant parts to this story that haven’t been discovered or played out yet.

My final prediction here is that more than one story will start with something akin to this:

“Her name was not Kaycee and she was not my daughter…..”
So ends the internet saga of Debbie and Kaycee….

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