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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 23, 2001 || 4:40 pm

Good music transcends any sort of ‘dated’ feel. Proof of this….

The three-pack and I were posse-ing up to sweep through the house and set everything to clean-and-wonderful status. For inspiration, I popped in ‘The Cars’. LOUD. Scout peeked her head back through the doorway that she had just passed through, one eyebrow raised, hint of a smile on her lips.

She then shimmied through the doorway, head keeping time to the backbeat. The boys followed suit and soon we were all dancing around the room, soul funktified.

I love when stuff like this happens, because eventually they get around to asking me questions about whoever’s in the CD changer at the time. *thus expanding their musical knowledge a bit, see??*

Sam usually, without fail, inquires as to who the bass player is. Sam’s coooool, mang.

It’s a great thing to actually LIKE your family.

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