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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 24, 2001 || 1:02 am

After the post of 05.22.2001, I looked around some of the sites (over there on the left) that I noted had been especially quiet. They are some of those that corresponded with the Kaycee construct fairly regularly, from a few weeks up to several months. They aren’t quiet anymore. Their explanations/thoughts on the matter are either cursory, moralistic or those of awakening anger. Purge, baby, purge.

J.R. has kept a pretty decent compendium of information, updating frequently.

Not unexpectedly, this has hit mainstream media outlets. And they have the story all fucked up. Hell, the best article on the matter thus far was done by a small local paper in the Swenson’s hometown.

What is killing me about all this, though, is the way Debbie’s story shifts and mutates as the days pass. At last count, she is saying that her daughter had given the Kaycee character leukemia before Debbie ever took over the ruse. Why do I have trouble believing this??

“Debbie refuses to reveal who provided Kaycee’s voice for those who spoke with her on the phone.”
Why, hell…of course she does! It’s hard to know which personality is the P.R. Rep.

Anyway, enough for now. Ciao, baby.

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