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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 24, 2001 || 9:12 am

Ya know, this is gonna sound like heresy, especially in a place like this, but how the hell do people have time to get suckered into scams like this Kaycee thing?!? While perusing the illustrious Jett’s posts, I was wondering WTF she was talking about. It sounded like some sort of soap opera.

Turns out that exactly what it was.

After reading this MS-NBC story about the affair I’m troubled about how people get drawn into the lives of others.

Some time back, I started writing a rant about “compassion fascism” (which I should finish now), how we are pressured into giving a damn about things that really shouldn’t concern us. It’s set up as a litmus test of whether you are a good person who is kind to dumb animals and people. If you aren’t distraught 24/7 about some trivial detail that is usual beyond your control and effect, you are “selfish” or “mean” or a “Republican”. That’s total bull and when people get suckered because they felt instead of thought, I’m the last person to look to for an affirmation.

A few days ago, some severe storms swept through our area and tornados touched down. Out in the sticks, a farm was hit and the farm house was totaled. The man who lived there lost his legs in a farming accident and the money he had to spend on painkillers precluded his paying for insurance for the house. The next day, he appeared on the front page of the local fishwrap with his tale of woe. The day after, a local radio station did a radiothon and raised $10,000 for his relief. This is all fine and dandy, but it has one CRUCIAL distinction from this Kaycee phantom…

This guy was for real from the word “go”.

He was not a detailed fiction posted to an anonymous web site. He was someone who could be touched and queried and evaluated. To read that people sent gifts, money and whatnot to “someone” whom they never met, based on the wrenching details of their “suffering” baffles me. I bet that these same folks would be loathe to hand money to a street beggar because, “They’ll just spend it on drugs.” but had no problem boxing up C.A.R.E. packages to this “poor sick girl”. (Related note: I was once approached by a street person looking for change, but he pitched it like this: “I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m gonna buy beer with the money.” I gave him a dollar for pure chutzpah.) But, there’s something more intriguing/distressing about this sort of thing…

Who the hell really cares and why should they?

There is only one blog I skim over (Blah-blah-family shit-yadda-yadda-weird mystical rantings-woof-woof. Where the damn movie?!?) and post to and it’s the one you’re looking at, dear readers. BUT, who are you? (Who who who who?) Is there a you out there actually giving a damn about any of this post? And if not, why the hell am I writing? (A: I have lots of spare time at work and the exercise keeps my writing chops sharp, especially when I have to step up to our erudite host’s level.)

Maybe I have a discomfort with sharing deep personal details about my life with total strangers, but I find it more fascinating that anyone would devote any substantial amount of time to giving a damn about me. Don’t these people have anything better to do than be cyber-voyeurs?

A-HA!!!! Eureka!!!

It’s the voyeurism that drives this, isn’t it? It’s not really peeking in windows when someone is performing in front of them with the shade up, is it? But why are you peeking? Why do you spend such serious hunks of time reading about lives that aren’t yours? (Seriously, send me a note and enlighten me.)

My web surfing time is mostly spent (outside of gathered massive quantities of Asian porn) in reading computer-related news sites and posting to a select few BBS. One part feeds my thirst for knowledge and the other my need to argue and expound on issues. I can’t understand why people would expend time and concern peeping in on someone else’s life, if they even exist. It’s little different from “reality television” (an oxymoron) except that there is even less chance for it to matter.

The odd thing about the Kaycee situation was that one of the boards I haunt had a member reveal that he had been responsible for the life and “death” of a “woman” on the board. I vaguely remember her death (I was new in town), but apparently he, oh heck, just read about it yourselves. This guy was permanently banned from the boards and everyone hates him. The difference is that BBSes are like small towns with all the familiarity and conflicts attendant. (I’m surprised that the moderators didn’t spot the IPs being the same.)

So, what’s my point (and I do have one)?

Care about what’s demonstrably REAL first. Jett’s family is there. My Significant Other™ is here. They are real and we can relate and interact with them. It’s like the idiots who think tax cuts are bad because it takes money away the that nice government’s programs to help the unfortunate peoples. Instead of demanding that they be allowed to keep their own money and then have the option to donate it to a LOCAL shelter (where the effects can be seen), they gladly send the dead presidents off to Washington D.C. and some nameless, faceless bureaucrat who will then use that money to by the affections (and votes) of someone on the other side of the country. (Real fucking bright, eh?) Don’t burn to much energy on things that don’t really matter.

Now go outside and do something useful.

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