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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 25, 2001 || 11:52 pm

That little Rabi is sponsor number three….w00t! Movin’ into the bigtime now! Her package is on the way tomorrow and aren’t YOU jealous?? Well, no need to be, kiddies….recall that I said the first FIVE online pledges get goodies. Hurry-hurry, hurry-hurry!

Also, I made an observation the other day. The 24-hour blogathon is on July 28th. Recall the post about multiples of seven and the start of things as they* (in a combined state) apply to my life. ALSO, I am participant number 28 on the list. I’m certain that all of this holds some great cosmic importance in some fashion or another.

I wish I had ‘clued in’ status. Sheeyut.

*see entry for 14 September. alrighty then.

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