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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 26, 2001 || 12:16 am

Tim sent me a very nice e-mail. I appreciate very nice e-mails from complete strangers.

It’s pretty insanely flattering, if I think about it. Makes me blush and all that hoo-hah. This Completely Random Person That I Don’t Know took time out of their day to tell me that they have some sort of appreciation for what I am saying or doing.

And when you’re in the Realm Of The Link, oh my! Like Christmas. I know, I am SUCH a gushing web newbie. I can’t help it, but that’s probably because I haven’t had the problem of being linked on some complete and utter idiot’s site as of yet.

Anyway, *scuffs toe in dirt, peeks from beneath bangs, mumbling defensively because she knows she was prattling on* go peek in on Tim.

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