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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 27, 2001 || 11:00 pm

Strangely enough, the title of this blog appeals to me. It reminds me of the party days, rolling out of bed at 1 pee emm and sitting down, all cobwebby-headed, to write while before my brain got all mucked up with the impending day. Those ‘mornings’ consisted of a hazy-soft warm light, me poised in t-shirt and undies in front of a fresh page. All that clean expanse beckoned me and my pen….

It also reminds me of Sunday afternoons, the quiet soulful time as I prepare for the coming week. The house muted, Reg’s Coffee House toodling softly in the background, meandering about the house and my day and my writing as only Sunday afternoons will allow…..

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