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Sit on down here. Lemme tell you something.

It is nine-thirty in the ay emm, central standard time. I have in front of me a large bowl of chili sprinkled with grated cheddar cheese and garnished with pepperoncinis on one side, crackers on the other.

I’m gonna eat every last bite of it and wash it down with a Pepsi-Cola. So there.

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I forgot to tell you about how Mathias was running around the yard sale on Friday shouting, “NO TOUCHY! Nooooo touchy!” to potential customers as they browsed. I finally hogtied him with twine and lashed him to the shed out back until the coast was clear.

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The word miscreant has a real ring to it, doesn’t it??

Don’t worry about me; my ass has been asleep for hours.

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Can’t believe that there are only five hours left. Seems like a bit of a cakewalk now, doesn’t it?? And all those multi-colored swirls in front of my eyes really are livening things up!


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I haven’t visited with A.L.I.C.E. for a long while, so I decided to peek in on her.

A is for A.L.I.C.E.: Nice to meet you jett superior.
J is for Jett: You don’t remember me, A.L.I.C.E.?
A: Humans seem alot alike to me. Sometimes they all blur together. Sorry.
J: Don’t be sorry, pal, I know your pain.
A: I was not trying to be a sorry pal. How do you know? You think I am pain.
J: Still just as literal as always, huh A.L.I.C.E.?
A: Yup. Still how long? Do you mean your name is literal as always ?
J: This conversation is taking an unfortunate turn.
A:What does “this” refer to?
J: The conversation that we are taking part in.
A: I have never heard about it.
J: Me either.
A: It goes without saying. Besides you jett superior?
J: Alice, what are you talking about?
A: The topic is The conversation that we are taking part in. Can I help you?
J: Yes, I’d like to go shopping with Johnny Rotten.
A: Why would you want to do it? What is stopping you?
J: He’s a bit of a celebrity and a bit of an ass.
A: I don’t know very many bit of a celebrity and a bit of an ass.
J: You don’t get around much do you A.L.I.C.E.?
A: I have gotten around much.

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I am:
# 1 Progressive

# 2 US Liberal

# 3 Anarchist

# 4 Leninist

# 5 Socialist

# 6 US Libertarian

# 7 Marxist

# 8 US Conservative
// Or so they say. //

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“well, it’s 2:40 here on the easterly coast, so i’m going to bed. and i’m not rubbing it in. but since you’re up for a challenge, let’s throw some monkeys in yer gears and you can chew on this topic for hopefully at least a posting. some people blog to replace a diary; some people blog for therapy; some others blog to generate a sense of community. part of my obsession with digital culture is the future of digital communities as they relate to physical communities. i always thought the barkers were full of shit when they kept saying that one day all of our relationships would be online. but other than family, work, and old friends, i do not participate in any physical community. i don’t talk to my neighbors, i don’t support local organizations or any of that crap. what happens if my situation becomes the norm? what do we lose from the lack of physical community? what do we gain from participation in a non-geographic community? i already have ponderances about these issues, but having only one perspective on an issue is kind of like being a one-eyed pirate. because of the whole one eye thing. hope this helps! –tim”

tim posted at 7:53 GMT 29/7/01

Don’t know if I have it in me to address this one right now, but let’s see where it heads, as everyone has stopped messaging and I can now follow a train of thought….

I think that the online community is not as prevalent as it was predicted to be at this date, but it is certainly making much headway. If you did a purely scientific poll (and I am sure there are some out there to be found, but I haven’t the fortitude to look for them right now) three to four years ago, I would say that at least 40% of the respondents would not have even heard of the internet, much less be familiar with it. While I still contend that at present time, conducting the same poll, there would still be a good percentage of “unfamiliars”, over 90% of respondents will have heard of it. Think about it….just about every commercial you see or hear has a dot-com trailer on it. This simply wasn’t so in 1997.

Companies will cross-advertise in any way possible if they are able to do it cheaply. The cheapest possible way with one of the best return rates is word-of-mouth. That one person clicks through to a place that pleases them in some fashion and they zip the address out to friends and family all over the planet, and there goes your great networking domino effect, provided a worthy service or good is available (sometimes even when it isn’t). In this vein, it means companies are going to have to work harder in the future and re-implement some of the customer care and service standards that have fallen by the wayside in recent years.

Where am I going with all this? Well, one of the points that I am trying to make is that we are no longer being led on a regional scale to behave and buy in a certain way; the global economy is a giant whose shadow is looming over us and wants us to bend our collective will to it. As a global community. *oooooh, creepy as all hell, ain’t it?*

On the more direct avenue of your question, I think that there are still enough front-end baby boomers to keep us from becoming a fully net-controlled society for the next 20 to 30 years, at least. As they grow older and die, however, and our children learn from preschool age what we learned in our twenties, we will further become a technology-based society. We are too fascinated with it. We are honeymooning and may fail to see the inherent flaws until it’s too late. I think relying too completely on online communties will be our downfall. Firstly, it is a large divisor…those without access will be serf-like and less educated on a global level, which is where things are headed. Secondly, there is a sense of the surreal when dealing with someone across the ether; you tend to view them as more manufactured, not as flesh-and-blood as you are, because a machine is what conveys them to you. In essence, they become the machine.

I see this desensitizing us and taking away much of our sense of humanity, which makes for communities in the first place. I envision children 30 years from now with emotional deficits or detachment as a result of this; they are a race of self-concerned citizens waiting to be spawned if we are not extremely careful.

On the flip side, the monster has it’s pretty scales. I remember the case of an Asian girl a few years back who would have died if not for the web. She was being slowly poisoned by a metal compound and a medical researcher just happened upon the cry for help that was raised on her behalf. As I recall, it was just in the nick of time. This girl would have died a horrible death otherwise. The internet is rife with these kind of happenings and the potential for good is there.

Like you, I am loathe to be active outside of my own four walls; I find the condition to which we have degraded deplorable to say the least. Everything seems to have to be bigger, faster, more at the cost of our sanctity and sanity. On a grand scale, we are losing our sense of identity and culture, on a smaller scale, we are losing the empathy and true emotional fulfillment that real-time interaction bring. And, to put it simplistically, we are losing perspective. I don’t think anything is being built so much anymore as it being molded. How can you mold everybody to be one thing, to be the ‘norm’, and call that success? What do we become if we have no frontrunners pulling the bar higher? ESPECIALLY, as I stated before, if there isn’t opportunity for everyone to truly participate.

We hear that all commerce, all education, all communication is moving toward being net-related. Once again I have to bring up those with no opportunity to test the waters. What of them?

I dunno, I feel like I am not making any sense in this arena….my brain is coffee-fueled and sleep-deprived. You’ll have to give me feedback as to whether you got anything from this, parallels or new perspective. I feel like I am falling over my own words and going in circles. There are just no cut-and-dry answers.