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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 20, 2001 || 9:27 am


While driving to Huntsville the other night:

JETT: Ooooh, look at the pretty little deer! They’re so cute….look at their itty-bitty racks!
Maxim looks over, debates whether or not to stop for the photo op, then continues on.
JETT: Coupla years and they’ll be perfect.
JETT: Wonder what the life expectancy is for deer? I mean, I wonder how many of them in the South per year make it far enough to die of old age?
MAXIM: (deadpan) Four.

In the course of ordering pizza last night:

JETT: So whaddaya want on it?
MAXIM: I don’t care *waves hand*; order what you like….supreme?
JETT: You don’t want me to do half-and-half? Veggie on your side?
MAXIM: Nahhh…I’ll just eat whatever you order.
JETT: (shocked) You sure? I mean….this is odd….
MAXIM: Well, if you just MUST know, I’m trying to time it so that we die in one another’s arms.
What a fucking card. He has a lot of catching up to do.

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