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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 23, 2001 || 1:27 pm

More fun-filled and wacky searches –with bonus commentary– for your enjoyment:

–how to pick up up a 16 year old girl (lessons will commence on this one soon….please check back for scheduled times and necessary texts)

–darkpersonalitiescom (what I wanna know is, why couldn’t they just shuck this into their browser bar if they had this much info?)

–jettsuperior (who IS that girl, and where’d she get such a stupid, pretentious name? *ask Delmer Skeets McGee, he knows the story*)

–black women leaving home and fucking up (your guess is as good as mine, champ)

–kaya’s emulation guide (will have to e-mail Kaya about this one, ‘cos I haven’t the foggiest)

–packing up cars pictures (okay, if the owner of this search still comes ’round here, could you kindly explain this one? I have been dying to know what use you would have for pictures such as these. Is this yet another fetish that I am blissfully unaware of?)

–pictures of up hairdo (…mmkay.)

–short hair for fifty and up (TWO hair searches?? And in succession? NOW I’m getting a tad spooked.)

–adult up the sundress free (cheapskates…don’t they know that good sundress porn ALWAYS costs?)

–tommy girls dress up (those bodacious tommy girls, at it again!)

–when women go nuts after fifty (*snort* This one was the best, ’cause my mom-in-law is in the midst of menopause right now.)

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