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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 27, 2001 || 2:29 pm

ON CLEANLINESS AND CRUSHER, AIM convo from earlier today:

Unxmaal: moo

JettSuperior: oink

JettSuperior: wheet!

Unxmaal: howsya?

JettSuperior: clean

JettSuperior: and you?

Unxmaal: i’m ok =]

JettSuperior: are you clean as well?

JettSuperior: LOL

Unxmaal: yes!

Unxmaal: omg

Unxmaal: beth

JettSuperior: omg

Unxmaal: by honor of motherhood

JettSuperior: whut

JettSuperior: sha???

JettSuperior: whaaa???

Unxmaal: you are blessed with great knowledge in
house-cleaning skillz

Unxmaal: so

JettSuperior: shit.

Unxmaal: how the hell do i clean a shower curtain?

Unxmaal: i can’t throw it away; i luvs it

Unxmaal: but it’s got … mung… on it

JettSuperior: I clean up one room and
they trash another….but what kind
of curtain?

Unxmaal: it’s this horrid tacky one with a hawaiian
island scene

Unxmaal: i’m doing my bathroom in hawaiian tiki

JettSuperior: oooh, you need some
mark ryden tiki art in that mutha.

JettSuperior: what kind of material is
it made of?

Unxmaal: plastic

Unxmaal: thicker vinyl

Unxmaal: i was thinkin i could just unhook it and
throw it in the washer

JettSuperior: Yeah, little detergent,
about a half-cup of bleach should do

Unxmaal: ok cool

Unxmaal: see!

Unxmaal: you rock

JettSuperior: put it in the shortest
gentle cycle, tho,

JettSuperior: ‘cos you don’t want it to
wrinkle or tear.

Unxmaal: yea

Unxmaal: omg wil wheaton

Unxmaal: talked to me on aim!

Unxmaal: eee!!

JettSuperior: when?

Unxmaal: but ….. he linked
me wrong

JettSuperior: tell him…and I wrote him
an e-mail pimping you.

JettSuperior: but he no respond, the

Unxmaal: you did?

Unxmaal: haha he talked to me for a few hours

JettSuperior: well, name-drop me. tell
him I’m astounding.

JettSuperior: tell him to worship me as
you do.

JettSuperior: tell him I can give him
cleaning hints.

JettSuperior: *snort*

Unxmaal: yea!!

JettSuperior: so, what kinda crap did
you talk about?

Unxmaal: geeky stuff

JettSuperior: not boobies?

Unxmaal: see this?


JettSuperior: here i goes.

Unxmaal: see the ‘cool guy’ link? it goes to anil
.. not me :-(

JettSuperior: how do you know that
it’s you?

JettSuperior:‘cos the #?

Unxmaal: my /. # is 231

Unxmaal: we were some of the first /. nerds

JettSuperior: okee dokee

JettSuperior: mail him and tell him.

Unxmaal: i will later =]

JettSuperior: i’ll be pissed if he

JettSuperior: ‘cos I’m cuter than you
and just as clever.

JettSuperior: BWA—hahahaha!

Unxmaal: hmf

Unxmaal: just cos u got boobies.

Unxmaal: :-(

JettSuperior: hmf?

Unxmaal: humph

JettSuperior: hurt

Unxmaal: hmf =]

JettSuperior: my phe4lings

Unxmaal: awww

Unxmaal: /pats/

JettSuperior: that what that means?

JettSuperior: hmf?

Unxmaal: hmf = humph

JettSuperior: okee.

JettSuperior: okee.

JettSuperior: smokee.

Unxmaal: it’s not an acronym =]

JettSuperior: I still maintain that I am
clever, anyway.

Unxmaal: i didn’t dispute that :-)

JettSuperior: mmkay.


JettSuperior: AHHH-hahaha!!

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