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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 15, 2001 || 6:45 pm

Ahhhh….I am the recipient of a hit on my most favorite search thus far:

body soul zen beth
Prolly someone was looking for the site of Beth Rigby, who (as I feebly understand it) is some sort of dance/yoga/zen guroid. Not that I’m making fun. Or anything. Or anything at all.

Anyway, I am number seven on the list for that particular search on Google. What’s funny is if you click the link for similar pages. The #3 link returned is for Capsela, a product that I have never purchased, owned, supported nor endorsed. Hell, I didn’t even know it existed. How do these things happen, I wonder?

Why do I spend my time following such stupid links and wondering about such trivial stuff, I wonder? Perhaps because “Young minds come alive as they improve problem-solving and other developmental skills.”?

In other news, today has been a really Bush day. I’ve listened to every one of their CD’s at least three times, ’cause Maxim is away and I can.SOMEBODY COMMENT, DAMN YA. I am boring even myself.

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