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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 24, 2001 || 10:09 am

I feel strange today.

I feel like I did on the night that our pal Dirty Bed offered us all magic peppermints and I partook. Halfway through our set I felt really disconnected and floaty and things started curling around the edges. On our break I ran around in a near-panic asking everyone I could get hold of, “Man, I feel craaaazy….Dirty Bed wouldn’t have dosed me, would he??” because I started getting all paranoid about the fact that he referred to the candy as ‘magic peppermints’.

In case you didn’t know I am afraid of LSD and always have been, even at the height of my junkiedom. My brain bends in too many directions as it is, fellas.

Eventually I settled down, attributing the goggly feeling to too much Rolling Rock, not enough sleep and the heat of the stage lights. I got back up there and finished the set and all was well. That was the night that I traded Doc Martens with a guy two rows back for the novelty of it. Luckily, he had no cooties nor fungal infections for me to deal with at a later date. Sometimes I just don’t think things through when I am in the moment.

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