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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 4, 2001 || 12:46 am

Hiya, My Little Snookums, ya miss me? Lemme see, let’s play catch-up:
–beer and sausages
Mountain Dew (proudly manufactured and distributed by PepsiCo)
–off-kilter moody rambling.

There. That about puts us up to speed. Some observations:
–Merciful Heavens, I’ve just been enlightened. George W. Bush is indeed the Antichrist and we have been been indoctrinated by virtue of our internet usage. Think about it….dubya-dubya-dubya-dot….a massive conspiracy masterminded (no doubt) by Big Daddy Gee.
–It sort of frightens me that Matt hangs out at elementary schools. Or that he is allowed to, for that matter. Especially in light of his dad’s analogies.
–Thanks to the Shanklin’s Pony Pair for this link. Hoho, heehee.
Oh, for joy…stumbled across Christine again and was insanely pleased. Perched her back in links column. Not that she’d care, but I do. Whee!

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I am feeling faint and all aquiver (that a freakin’ word, chum?) because orders are now being taken for THE BOOK. For those of you not beholden to follow that link, the above-pictured 152-paged-and-frightfully-deliciously-illustrated piece of yumminess is the special edition of Mark Ryden’s new book. This means that it comes in a limited edition of 500 copies (which is bound to sell out shortly, as his canvas edition of “Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers” scooted off the website in less than a frickin’ DAY *side note* The latter maketh me not sorrowful, as I framed a copy of the paper edition with silk, blackcore mats and it turned out quite scrumptious…..as well as a full 6″ bigger on each side (not counting matting and framing) than his canvas release. /side note ) that are signed and numbered by the lovely Mr. Ryden. IT ALSO MEANS that it comes with a 10″x10″ giclee print (the one you see pictured, folks) nestled alongside it in a sexy fabric box. And oh yeah, a bookmark. *wheedle* All that’s left is for you, my spankalicious readers, to bravely face the ickiness beneath your couch cushions in order to retrieve the spare change that you will tape to cheap greeting cards and mail to me.

Please, I mean? PUHLEEEEEEEEEZE???

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