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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 16, 2001 || 10:35 am

I saw you. You weren’t even aware of my presence, probably don’t even know who I am, sir, but I know who you are, and I saw you.

Your son probably didn’t know me or my family from Adam, either, but he saw us. I caught glimpses of him continually looking up from his food at us, watching Maxim and the kids and I talk and cut up, watching Sam and Scout fuss over and pet Mathias throughout the meal. How could I miss him? Though you had your back to us, our booths were neighbors and he sat facing us, facing me.

Of course, you wouldn’t have seen him furtively glance from his pizza to us time and again, for throughout the whole meal you kept your paper perched high, just inches from your hypocritical face.

I felt immensely sorry for the boy; I wanted to invite him over to our already-stuffed table. He looked so small and pining. I wanted to sweep him into the carnival of mayhem that is our family, if only for that brief time we shared a “Kids-Eat-Free!” meal. It felt as if we were feasting in front of the famished.

I was angered by his accompanied solitude, by his quiet refilling of his plate and resuming his seat unnoticed but I was absolutely FURIOUS when someone you knew, someone of some ’stature’ in our little city came in and you put your paper down to rapidly rise and become animated and friendly in their presence. I wanted to heave garlic butter and marinara sauce and flaming insults at you, but there was the boy to think of. He made no effort to join your amiable exchange with the newcomer, and neither of you acknowledged his presence…..it was obvious that the child was painfully well-aware of his place, beyond the simple courtesy of not interrupting when the adults speak.

It was also obvious that he had been a part of this little scenario before.

Let me tell you something, Mister Pastor to The First Almighty Church of Community Power With Stress On Being Fiscally Established, you are indeed teaching your child a lesson. The lesson that you are teaching him will come around one day to bite you and your over-inflated sense of self-importance in the ass. Hey-hey, Pillar Of The Community, Servant Of God, charity (to read in the biblical sense as ‘love’) begins at home. I tried attending your church once, twice, three times, and am glad to see that I wasn’t simply being judgemental or spiritually misled. If the head is rotten, the body follows. Oh boy, does it follow, and I am immensely relieved to see that if not perfect, I am at least blessed and centered enough in prayerful discernment to gather what I gathered.

Shame on you.

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