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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 30, 2001 || 9:48 pm

And there we are, Scout and I, both lovers of Christmas And Most All Things Related, standing amongst the holiday trappings. Please form the gentle picture, dear readers, of mother and daughter oohing and aahing and fingering the finery and directing one anothers’ attention to yet another wonderful thing that has captured the magic….

Scout grows quiet as she reads the country of origin on several things that she admires.

“How can China make such pretty things and be so mean?” she sighs, and my gut clenches as I look into her amazing blue eyes. These moments of recognition and painful sudden acute awareness are the ones I would like to stave off, yet they are the ones that are so profound and I want to file them away immaculately in my mind so as to never forget….

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