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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 31, 2001 || 11:23 am

A friend e-mailed this question to me yesterday:
“So, having kids, I’m wondering what your plan is for Halloween. I don’t know too many other people I can ask…how is all this world b.s. monkeying with your life, or more to the point, you kids’ lives?”

And I responded with:
“Funny you should ask, my little lovely….
I was hesitant to believe the kids when they stated that they weren’t allowed to wear costumes tomorrow, because sometimes they hear a snippet of detail and run with it…and it becomes a bigger tale as they run, you know? Kids being kids, and all…

“So I called the school and the secretary confirmed that they were in fact NOT supposed to wear costumes tomorrow. When I asked her why (they’ve done it for several years previously) she said, “Well, the state of the world being what it is, blahblahblah….” The long and short of it being that kids are yet again told to stop being kids too fucking soon. yadayadayeeyah, you know what I’m saying. I think that this is all being used an excuse to phase out the costume-wearing in general. *I* think we should KEEP the costume-wearing and say fuck all to the mandatory bags of candy sent to school for this and all other holidays, both real and presumed. Half the kids diagnosed as A.D.D. simply *aren’t*….they’re on a perpetual SUGAR HIGH.

“Can I get a fucking amen??

“As for post-education activities, I am squiring Harry Potter, a lovely girl-pirate and a Toy Story (with this insanely big head) alien about town to grab our requisite share of the empty-caloried haul while I sport glow glasses and an overblown sense of glee.”

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