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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 6, 2001 || 1:37 am

Ironically enough, on the heels of my 30 October post, is this. Just SPIFFY. It was brought to my attention via a blurb about it on the local news tonight.

This is tricky ground. As I see it, Auburn University is in a sort of “damned if we do, really fucked if we don’t” kinda situation. The good ole boys of Delta Sig and Beta were exercising their rights to assembly and free speech in a non-threatening (albeit heinously ignorant), jovial way. There aren’t any laws against stupidity and poor taste, per se, so I can see the university having no real legal recourse. The suspension of students over this matter could put them in some legal hot water should those suspended choose to play the litigious card that is so quickly thrown out nowadays.

The other side of the coin includes, of course, all those Noisemaking Powers That Be like the SPLC and the NAACP, among others. These two organizations alone are well adept at wringing out legal precedent and blowing a smoldering twig into a heated bonfire.

Yep, AU is exponentially fucked, ladies and gents, but I have a larger question looming in my mind:

What thoughts are the parents of those young revellers dwelling upon RIGHT NOW? I am massively curious.

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