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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 20, 2001 || 9:43 pm

Digital cam:

Wellll, it’s supposed to be a digital cam. It’s a digital cam that functions like a web cam. Only -here’s the catch- the webcam stills are way better than the digital cam shots. For fuck’s sake.

Here’s what WOULD have been an atrociously adorable photo of Scout hamming it up in her great-grandfather’s wonderful tweed, fur-trimmed coat. You can see for yourself why I used the term ‘would’:

So now this early Christmas gift from Maxim is going back because I am more heartsick over the pictures that I take and that don’t make it than the ones that I don’t take at all.

BTW, Logitech QuickCam Traveler sucks ass. I heartily advise against purchasing it. You been warned, Potsie.

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