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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 24, 2001 || 11:00 am

..:: GREETINGS ::..

Me, I’m happy to be the hostess

On this ride here, the one

Known as Your Tour;

A nation of cheap satellites

And free fornication awaits you,

Where every second is a variable.

Slap down your spare change

Little mewling lambs and take

A spin at the biological roulette wheel–

The one ’specially created

For those inquiring minds

That lie salivating, waiting for

The next pay-per-view thrills.

We’ll ride until the road

Says, “Dead End”, then we’ll

Forge on ahead through the wilderness;

Take things back to the

Way they were intended

Before they became this over-saturated,

Far-too-stimulating, God-forsaken

Jumbled mess…

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