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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 6, 2001 || 3:10 pm

Had my wisdom teeth out. OW-OW-OW. I am presently leery of the baker’s dozen percocet left in my ‘feel-good bottle’; not sure whether it’s because they make me nauseous if I stand for more than two minutes at a stretch or if it’s because I like the way they smoothly assist me in checking out of yon reality. At any rate, I suffer while those fucking percocet sit in the bottle mocking me.

Heath called yesterday to ‘check’ on me….yeah, right. Haven’t heard from him in two months, Maxim bumps into him and mentions that I am getting teeth yanked and now he’s ‘checking’ on me. And asking what I plan to do with the rest of the percocet in the ‘feel-good bottle’. I tell him that I imagine it will sit in my bathroom cabinet until such time as they begin to rot and lose their potency, and then I will chuck them out. He sounds mortally wounded at the thought and asks whether or not I might sell them.

“To you, you mean?” I guffaw.

“What?” he asks, “WHAT?? What’s so funny?”

“You’re a fucking junkie, Heath-a-roo, and I ain’t sellin’ my pills to YOU.”

“A junkie?” he responds with measured incredulity, “A junkie??? Whaddaya mean by that?”

“Oh c’mon, Heath, gimme a fucking break here….don’t insult me. Like knows like. The only difference is, I’m non-practicing, the hollow look to my eyes has filled in, and the pits in the crooks of my elbows aren’t so noticeable as the bruises in yours.”

He kept his jovial tone, but it was jerky and stilted and I could tell that I hit home but he was doing his best to not let me know that. And –the most pathetic of all– he still tries to get me to sell him the pills.

“Heath,” I counter, “I would go down to the college campus, set up a table with lemonade and a sign that says ‘FREE DRUGS AND LEMONADE HERE’ and hand them out to passers-by before I would EVER assist you in furthering the downward spiral. I won’t ever need the money that bad again.”

“Okay, but let me know if you change your mind.”

“Darlin’, I’d rather put a bullet in your skull first and save us all some time and trouble.” And I hung up. Maybe this approach will work. No others have.

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